Allendale-Ledbetter West Edge

We recognize that beautifully designed, diverse housing and retail development are central to the creation of a stable, cohesive community and a thriving,  productive, growing economy. Therefore, the City of Shreveport and the  Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport, along with our development partners, ITEX Development LLC and Brown Builders LLC, are moving forward with multiple new housing developments in the neighborhood that will add 486 new homes. These new developments are clustered in three areas: the Millennium Studios site; the Texas Avenue Arts District; and  C.C. Antoine Park. The purpose of these nodes is aligned with the  HUD-approved Transformation Plan, promoting development that:

 1. Will attract private investment and new businesses;
 2. Supports a live-work environment in downtown;
 3. Provides diverse housing for all household types; and
 4. Uses funds efficiently and maximizes leverage.

 The proposed Housing Plan provides for safe, high quality, energy efficient, mixed-income developments supported by neighborhood retail, investments in public transit, cultural markers, parks, and job centers. Within the housing developments - the 23-acre Millennium site and the C.C. Antoine Park green space - the Housing Plan will add new pocket parks, recreational amenities, playgrounds, water features, and gateway public art. In addition to new housing, these public investments will add value to the surrounding community.

300 Douglas Street: Located within walking distance of downtown, the Millennium Studios site has been identified as a critical node for mixed-income, mixed-use development in the CN Transformation Plan. The Millennium redevelopment will create 312 mixed-income units and 5,000 square feet of retail.

Uneeda Biscuit Building: Located within the Texas Avenue Arts District, in partnership with the  Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Brown Builders will redevelop this historic building into 32 new units.

Heritage Place: Located around the C.C. Antoine Park, the Heritage Place development will provide 90 mixed-income units of duplexes and single-family homes for rent and for purchase in and around a newly developed public greenspace with water retention features, trails, and recreation space.

  These plans are in addition to the 52 units completed to date as part of the Transformation Plan.  As of December 2017, 168 units are financed with 9% LIHTC and will begin construction in 2018, and 122 units are in predevelopment. By the end of 2019, 45% of the Housing Plan will be complete.



 Phase 1          40 units     completed

 Phase 2          12 units     completed

 Phase 3          68 units     fully funded; construction spring 2018

 Phase 4          68 units     fully funded; construction summer 2018

 Phase 5          32 units     fully funded; construction summer 2018

 Phase 6        122 units     predevelopment; construction 2019

 Phase 7          54 units     TBD

 Phase 8          90 units     TBD

TOTAL         486 units

 Phase 5 - Uneeda Biscuit Building

              Phase 6 - Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Apartments

    Phase 7 - Senior Apartments