Women’s Commission

About the Commission

The Shreveport Mayor’s Women’s Commission was established in July 1984, with 27 women from diverse backgrounds and communities selected to serve. Today, under the leadership and guidance of Mayor Perkins, the commission continues to actively work to identify the needs of Shreveport women and youth and provide innovative methods of addressing how those needs can best be met.

Purposes / Functions

The purposes/functions of this organization are to:
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding the concerns of women in the City of Shreveport
  • Act as a liaison with the mayor and his office concerning issues affecting women
  • Serve as an ex officio board of women to whom the mayor or other city officials may come and address the city’s concerns regarding women’s issues in Shreveport
  • Plan, promote, and assist in implementing programs that address critical issues affecting the well-being of Shreveport women and youth
  • Partner with other organizations and public bodies in advancing the causes of women and youth in Shreveport
  • Foster an across the board support of women in the City of Shreveport
  • Submit an annual report to the mayor that identifies progress made in addressing the needs of the women and youth of Shreveport during the previous year and recommendations for addressing critical problems that may need addressing in the following year