Inconvenienced Streets


Street Inconveniences and Closures
Week of December 9, 2018

Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:

2700 block of Poland (CD Project NH2)
Missouri & Poland (CD Project NH2)
Dodds Drive (CD Project NH3)
Wesley Avenue  (CD Project NH3)
Booth Drive: Truett Blvd to Crescent Road (CD Project NH3)
Murphy: Missouri to Alabama       (CD Project QB3)
Michoud @ Redstone (CD Project QB3)
Catherine: McCutcheon to Alabama   (CD Project QB3)
Missouri: Spruce to Penick (CD Project QB3)
Missouri @ Greenwood Road (CD Project QB3)
Hassett: Catherine to Milton (CD Project QB3)
Albany & Youree Drive (CD Projects QR1/QR2)
Akard: Tibbs to Sandefur (CD Project QR2 – Akard CO)
Fern Avenue: Ockley to Greenway (CD Project QR3)
Parkway Street: Gregg to Slattery (CD Project QR3)
Gregg Street: Querbes Lift Station to Fern/Gilbert (CD Project QR3)
Alexander: E. Gregg to E. Linden       (CD Project QR4)
Gilbert Avenue: Ontario to Ockley (CD Project QR4)
Atlantic: east of Grover  (CD Project QR4)
Fairfield Avenue: Elmwood to Stephenson (CD Project SH3)
Line Avenue: Ockley to Oneonta (CD Project SH3)
Sandefur: Akard to Tibbs (Akard Project)
Akard: Pierremont to Leland (Akard Project)
North Southland Park Drive (SW Shreveport)
Pierremont & Gilbert (Drainage Project)
Street Improvements
Oakdale Street: from Wallace Ave. to Cul-de-sac
Marshall Street: Lake St to Stoner Ave
Akard St: Pierremont to Ockley
Audrey Lane: MLK to Kesley St
Knight Street: LA 3032 to E. Preston Ave
Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspection:
Easement off Railsback to Ellerbe Rd.
Port area off Hwy 1
Closed Streets
Sycamore & Milam Avenue
(CD Project 1-138)
3800 block of Eddy Place
(CD Project NH3)
Country Club Apartment driveway(CD Project QB3)
Alabama Avenue: Spruce to Catherine(CD Project QB3)
Kentucky Avenue: Jackson to Hardy(CD Project QB3)
Grove: Catherine to Milton(CD Project QB3)
Gilbert: Wilkinson to Robinson
(CD Project QR3)
Alley behind Robinson to west of Highland
(CD Project QR3)
Montana & Hawkins(Hawkins LS)
Jones Mabry Rd & Hawkins Street(Hawkins LS)
Special Events:
12/09/2018: [8:00 AM –   9:00 AM] – Clyde Fant from Horseshoe to Veterans Park – Log Jammer’s 5K

12/09/2018: [7:30 AM – 11:00 AM] – Highland Avenue & Red River Bicycle Trail – Log Jammer’s Half Marathon

12/13/2018: [7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM] – Louisiana, Travis Street, and Texas Street – Downtown Christmas Run

12/15/2018: [8:30 AM – 10:30 AM] – Creswell Avenue (in front of the Norton Art Building) – Kids on the Run #3