What We Do

The Shreveport Human Relations Commission (HRC) is empowered by Chapter 39 of the City's Code of ordinances to:
  • Handle complaints of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations;
  • Arrange for public hearings and survey current practices and conditions relating to the treatment of persons in areas of public accommodations, employment, housing, recreation, education, and other human relations areas;
  • Make recommendations to appropriate authorities and propose legislation with regard to human relations practices and conditions;
  • Conduct programs for the purpose of informing the general public, businesses, organizations, and other entities regarding matters of human relations and of bettering human relationships within the community;
  • Act as a mediator to resolve disagreements in matters of human relations;
  • Coordinate activities with and utilize the resources of other public and private human relations bodies; and
  • Perform other duties and functions as may be specified by the City Council from time to time.