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Draft Strategies & Actions

How Do We Achieve the Goals & Overall Vision?

Promote high-quality cradle-to-career educational opportunities by supporting neighborhood schools and fostering stronger parent-teacher partnerships.

Create an early learning network in partnership with The Community Foundation of North Louisiana, the Strive National Cradle to Career Network, and Northwestern State University’s Child and Family Network.

Provide multiple pathways for continuing education through partnerships with Southern University at Shreveport’s GED program, The Community Foundation’s Learning to Finish initiative addressing drop-out rates, and a network of post-secondary education partner.

Foster active partnerships between law enforcement agencies and local residents to support a safe environment.

Coordinate resident-driven neighborhood block watches and crime-prevention campaigns through the Allendale-Lakeside-Ledbetter Heights Partnership, Inc (ALL).

Create positive youth development opportunities in partnership with the Caddo Parish Children and Youth Planning Board (CPCYB).

Ensure households are economically stable and self-sufficient.

Create a one-stop Career Solutions Center in Ledbetter Heights for workforce development programs in partnership with Workforce Innovations of Northwest Louisiana (WINLA).

Establish an economic development and business incubator organized by Southern University at Shreveport.

Develop and maintain high-quality, affordable, and accessible health and human services for community residents.

Create a community center that serves as a hub for holistic health and human services, enrichment programs, and continuing education opportunities.

Enrich quality of life in the neighborhood by supporting an array of cultural, artistic, and recreational opportunities.

Partner with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) to implement an arts outreach program targeted to youth in the Choice Neighborhood.

Establish a recreation center in Ledbetter Heights with funding from Shreveport City Council.

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