GET FIT Challenge Rules

Get FIT Challenge Rules

  • Cannot use a pedometer to count miles walked for the day.
  • All recorded miles/activity must be deliberately focused and uninterrupted with the intent to increase heart rate.
  • The Team Leader is responsible for ensuring members meet all weigh in deadlines.
  • The Team Leader is responsible for motivating all members Walk to New Orleans.
  • The Team Leader will forward all data recorded for walk and fitness challenges to the designated individual timely.
  • The Team Leader will communicate all Get FIT announcements to each member of the team.
  • Team Leader will hold one presentation award ceremony or present employees with walk awards (stars and/or ribbons).

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***As with any change in nutritional or physical routine, please contact your medical professional with any questions or concerns about your health. The City of Shreveport will not be held liable or responsible for incidents or side effects from any weight loss system or fad that an employee may suffer as a result of weight loss while participating in the contest. Furthermore, the City of Shreveport does not encourage the use of any extreme or unhealthy weight loss systems or fad. This event is to promote fun, healthy, and natural life style changes to be accomplished through healthy food choices and a regular exercise routine. .