Certificate of Occupancy


A Certificate of Occupancy is required any time a new business opens, there is an ownership change of an existing business or an existing business relocates or changes names. This ensures that the property is properly zoned for the type of business that will locate there and to ensure that the building is safe to occupy. This certificate is required for all commercial businesses.

Home-Based Business

For home-based businesses, a certificate is required to ensure that the type of business meets the guidelines as set forth in UDC (Unified Development Code). The UDC guidelines are found on the MPC website.

Home Occupation License Application A Home Occupation License Application must be completed for all Home Based Businesses. For more information, contact the Permit Center
  • Zoning Desk
    First Floor of the Government Plaza
    Suite 130
    505 Travis Street
    Shreveport, LA
  • Ph: 318-673-6442
  • Zoning Office Ph: 318-673-6440


For most recent ordinance amendments contact the Zoning Office at 318-673-6440. Certificate of Occupancy Rates are as follows:
Type of Permit
City Commercial
City Residential
Parish County Commercial
No Fee
Parish County Residential
No Fee


Residential Certificates Of Occupancy renew every 24 month at the same rate. For any questions on Certificates of Occupancy, assistance in completing the application, or to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (bring completed application or fill one out on premises with payment) contact the Permit Center.