Budgets and Funding

The current estimated budget for the projects required by the Consent Decree is $350 million for the required sewer improvements. These costs include administrative, engineering and construction costs for the program. The length of the Consent Decree program is 12 years. As the program advances, there will be several years in which over $50 million per year will be expended. The City of Shreveport will closely monitor the Consent Decree compliance progress and adjust the Consent Decree budget to reflect program construction requirements. Concurrently with the Consent Decree Program, the City will also be engaged in a Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program. This program will rehabilitate and/or replace existing water lines in the City of Shreveport. The program will also include additional improvements at the Amiss Water Treatment Plant.

The City of Shreveport will use several funding streams to finance the improvements required by the Consent Decree and the Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program. The primary funding stream is the recently passed Water and Sewer rate increase that was adopted in 2013. The revenue from these fee increases allows the City to issue Revenue Bonds to finance the improvements. The Revenue Bonds allow the City to use the fees immediately without having to accrue large amounts to begin projects. Another funding stream is the 2011 General Obligation Bonds approved by the Citizens of Shreveport. Several projects identified for the use of these bonds will facilitate meeting several of the Consent Decree requirements. The third funding stream will be State and Federal loans and grants. A grant study will be performed to investigate all potential sources of funding for the projects. The City of Shreveport will actively pursue all identified sources for obtaining loans and grants from these agencies to reduce the overall financial impacts of the Consent Decree and the Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program.