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      Cedric Bradford Glover was sworn in as Shreveport, Louisiana’s 47th and first African-American mayor on November 28, 2006. In November 2010, Shreveport citizens, confident that he would continue to move the city forward, returned him to office with an overwhelming 65 percent of the vote. The wave of popularity, credibility and public support he rode during his first term continues during his second and, because of term limitations, final time in office. 
     He first made local history in 1990, when he became the youngest person elected to the Shreveport City Council. He made many significant achievements including securing more than $30 million for capital construction projects in his district and calling for stricter penalties for the selling of alcohol to minors.  The latter action resulted in the first liquor license revocations in the city’s history.  
     In 1995, he was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives, where he served on the Executive Committee of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus and was later named Legislator of the Year and Legislator of the Month for instituting the first computer-automated crime victim notification system in the state of Louisiana. As a state representative, he was a staunch supporter of rural development programs. Having grown up in a rural community that wasn’t annexed to the city until the late 1970s, Mayor Glover knew firsthand the difficulties rural residents faced.   
     As Shreveport’s top administrator, Mayor Glover has built the most diverse leadership team in the city’s history; and together, they are advancing his agenda to make Shreveport “the next great city of the South” through the implementation of several new and innovative projects, policies and initiatives. Among these are:

  • An improved city infrastructure.  For the first time in more than 50 years, a Comprehensive Master Plan for the City of Shreveport was developed and is being implemented.  The Plan, which is a formulated blueprint that outlines prioritized improvements for all departments central to the city’s operations, reflects the collective concerns of a cross-section of city and community leaders. As a result of the plan, more than $350 million have been committed to redeveloping the city’s infrastructure including a total overhaul of the wastewater system. 
  • In 2011, Mayor Glover led a successful campaign to pass a $175 million bond issue, the largest in the city’s history.  He overcame organized opposition to the bond issue by presenting a fact-based message that resonated with a majority of the city’s more than 200,000 residents.  Monies from the bond have been earmarked for renovations to local community centers and the historic Municipal Auditorium, renovations at the Amiss Water Treatment Plant, the construction of a new police evidence facility, improving drainage structures, and for numerous other needs, many of which were not identified in the Master Plan.
  • Economic Development.  One of Mayor Glover’s priorities is ensuring that the city’s workforce remains strong. Toward this end, he works diligently to attract new businesses and gives support to current businesses that expand their local operations.
    • New Business Growth.  Using his powerful art of persuasion and negotiation, Mayor Glover has done a phenomenal job in attracting new businesses that have resulted in more than 1,000 new manufacturing jobs to the city.   RonPak, a paper bag manufacturing plant formerly based in New Jersey, has relocated its corporate headquarters to Shreveport.  Pratt Industries, a recycling plant, has also located to the city and created 200 jobs, along with Benteler, a steel fabrication plant, that will add more than 700 jobs to the local economy. Tire Rack and Schlumberger Oilfield Operations now call Shreveport home.
    • Retention and Expansion of Existing Businesses.  The recent announcement by Libby Glass to expand its operations in the very near future came on the heels of several other local businesses that have expanded. The expansion of Teleperformance, a customer service call center, resulted in 1,000 new jobs and a multi-million dollar investment in the city’s economy; and UPO Honeywell, a petroleum refining plant, has also expanded and added more than 200 new workers to the local workforce and will make a $300 million impact in the local economy over the next five years. Coca Cola Bottling Company and Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals have also increased their workforce.
    • Film and Entertainment. Indeed, Mayor Glover’s innate ability to visualize the possible is the driving force behind Shreveport’s emergence as one of the best places in America to make movies. Under his leadership, Shreveport has morphed into a primary option for filmmakers whose energy, passion and love for Shreveport has thrust the City into a position to acquire the affectionate moniker of ``Hollywood South.’’ That title was validated even more in March 2013 when a blockbuster production, ``Olympus Has Fallen,’’ opened in theaters nationwide. The $70 million movie was largely filmed in Shreveport and earned the city rave reviews from its all-star cast that included Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett. More than 100 movies, including “The Guardian” starring Kevin Costner and “Soul Men” were filmed in Shreveport.  Additionally, several film productions companies – Moonbot, Stageworks, Millennium, and Blade Studios – have located to Shreveport.  As an incentive to them, the companies receive city and state tax rebates on equipment they purchase from local vendors as well as film production tax credits.
    • Minority Business Support.  The city of Shreveport partnered with the Strategic Action Council of Northwest Louisiana (SAC) to promote and support SAC’s newly created Minority Suppliers Institute. The institute, which debuted in 2012, focuses primarily on assisting minority-owned businesses to thrive and grow. The city has made a three-year agreement to provide financial support to MSI.
    • Retail Expansion.  Mayor Glover has moved aggressively to increase the number of retail jobs and shopping centers in the city.  As a result of his efforts, the Mall St. Vincent Shopping Center is currently under renovation and, as a frequent attendee of the International Council of Shopping Centers conferences; Mayor Glover has traversed around the country enticing retailers to relocate to Shreveport.  Whole Foods is one of the many grocery chains that is coming to the city, as well as several new hotels, restaurants and clothing stores.
    • Digital Companies.  Mayor Glover is a tech-savvy leader who embraces technology.  He believes that Shreveport should be on the cutting edge in the production of digital equipment. As such, he is appealing to companies dedicated to technology and digital equipment to consider Shreveport as an ideal place in which to expand their operations.

  • Housing Development. While most cities, including Shreveport, partner with developers to create adequate workforce and affordable housing for its residents, under Mayor Glover’s direction, Shreveport has also become its own developer.  Three new communities – Shepard’s Place, Concordia Place and Heritage Place are on the city’s agenda.  Shepard’s Place, a gated workforce community located in the Martin Luther King neighborhood, opened in 2006.  Concordia Place, an affordable housing community located in the Stoner Hill neighborhood, is in phase one of a three-phase plan. And plans are underway for the construction of Heritage Place, an affordable living community, in the Allendale community. 
  • Transportation.  As mayor, Glover has been a staunch advocate for full funding and completion of Interstate 49 North. Opening of this section of Interstate 49 to the State of Arkansas will certainly provide North Shreveport and Caddo Parish greater opportunities for growth and expansion. The final segment of construction is underway and is expected to be completed in late 2014.   Mayor Glover has also championed improvements at the Shreveport Regional Airport. He appointed a special task force of regional leaders and stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the airport and make recommendations on how to expand services and flight options.  To his credit and that of the task force and board of directors, the Shreveport Regional Airport is doing extremely well and achieving substantial increases in enplanements.
  • Cultural Arts.  Mayor Glover has enormous visibility as a speaker and lecturer at the local, state and national levels. He is frequently asked to appear at events ranging from family reunions to national mayoral conferences. In June 2011, he went to Washington, D.C., to address a group seeking to learn how to effectively integrate arts-related and cultural projects with private businesses in order to stimulate economic development. The planned ``Shreveport Common’’ project is being hailed as a model for other cities to follow and Mayor Glover’s vision has been the catalyst for this dynamic venture.
    With the creation of the Cultural Arts District in downtown Shreveport, aficionados have easy access to a variety of arts and cultural activities.  Prominent in the District is the Central Arts Station, which is a beautifully renovated fire station that houses the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and several other related organizations and programs.
  • Safer and cleaner communities.  Mayor Glover grew up in the Martin Luther King neighborhood, one of the poorest and most crime-laden communities in Shreveport.  For him, reducing crime was a top priority.  Prior to becoming mayor, he was instrumental in deployment of Operation T.H.O.R in the MLK neighborhood.  An acronym for Take, Hold, Organize and Return, Operation T.H.O.R. represented the largest mobilization law enforcement in Northwest Louisiana history.  It served to break the stronghold on the community by the illegal drug trade and local gangs.  Later, Mayor Glover implemented Operation T.B.O.N.E. (Taking Back Our Neighborhoods Everyday), a nationally-recognized program that links property standards teams with neighborhood associations and city council members in a unique partnership to make communities safer. The impact has been significant, with 2012 reporting the lowest crime rate for the city in 36 years and 2013 set a record for the lowest total violent crime rate in the city’s history. Also, it’s noteworthy that Shreveport has recorded the lowest homicide rates in 2011 and 2012 in the history of the city.
  • Education.  As a strong proponent of education, Mayor Glover takes a defiant stand in ensuring that Shreveport provides the best educational opportunities for its youth and young adults.
    • Higher Education. Mayor Glover, along with a coalition of city leaders, visited the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the University of Texas in Austin for an up close look at how UAB and UT and the cities of Birmingham and Austin created strong town-gown partnerships that significantly impacts their city’s economies. He believes that with LSU-Shreveport and the LSU Health Science Center, the city can strengthen its relationship and, through the implementation of increased research and development, can achieve similar results.   In an effort to expand educational opportunities in the city, Mayor Glover appeared before the Louisiana Board of Regents for Higher Education to make a case for an increase in graduate and STEM degree programs at two local 4-year universities, LSU Shreveport and Northwestern.  The city also assisted Southern University-Shreveport, a two-year institution, with the acquisition of land and construction for a business and community development city. 
    • Mayor Glover instituted a summer internship program for area college students interested in working in city government.
      • Public Education.  As a member of every PTA in Caddo Parish, of which Shreveport is the governing city, he learns firsthand of issues and challenges facing our children and seeks ways to address them. He also created summer jobs for area high school students interested in learning how city government operates.

     Mayor Glover has been identified as one of the most visionary and forward-thinking leaders in the city’s history.  In just a few years, he has managed to lead the city of Shreveport to unprecedented heights of achievement and excellence.
     The 48-year old is proud of the strides his hometown is making, especially on national lists.  He often boasts that “we are up on the good lists and down on the bad lists”.  In recent years, Shreveport has been included on the Forbes lists for Best Mid-size Cities for Jobs, Best Places for Business and Careers and Best Places for A Working Retirement and Best Real Estate Market.
     The youngest of four children born to Elizabeth and the late Clarence Glover, both of whom were educators and community leaders, Mayor Glover is married to the former Veronica Stinson.  He credits much of his strong community interests and values to his upbringing in rural northern Caddo parish where his maternal roots are and that of his grandfather’s business influence as a farmer.  Collectively, they provided a strong network of influences and qualities that encouraged Mayor Glover to avail himself to serve his city as its chief executive and ambassador. 

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