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Board Members

Mayor's Women's Commission
2013-2014 Officers - Members

 Jackie Dozier  Angelique Evans-Feaster  Marie Vasquez Morgan  Lueburda Jamison Myers
 Jackie Dozier Angelique Feaster Evans  Marie Vazquez Morgan,PhD Lueburda Jamison Myers
 Ophelia Nicholson  MeGail Parsons  Joyce Patton  Eleanor Pichon
Ophelia Nicholson MeGail D. Parsons   Joyce Patton Eleanor Pichon
 Leslie Quinn  Michell Redding  Constance Malry Spann  Carolyn Spikes
 Leslie Quinn Michell Redding Constance Malry Spann Carolyn Spikes
 Barbara Stinson  Erica Thomas  Dr. Dorothy L. Holt  Candy Marshall Welch
 Barbara Stinson Erica Thomas Dr. Dorothy L. Holt  Candy Marshall Welch
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Irma Rogers    

City of Shreveport, Louisiana