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Divisions and Staff
The Marshal's Office is divided into five divisions.

Administrative Division
The adminsitrative division is the nerve center of the Marshal's Office.  This division handles all personnel issues, purchasing, financial accounting, budget, inventory, mail and correspondence, customer service and the implenentation and administration of technology and computer systems for the office.
  • John Johns
  • Connie Coleman
  • Tiverie Davis
  • Paula Golemon
  • Leesa Gomez
  • Mary Holbrook
  • Patricia Ivy
  • Sandra Luckey
  • Bill Whiteside
  • Theresa Womack

Garnishments Division
This division coordinates and administers all garnishment payments between employers, litigants and attorneys in civil cases adjudicated in Shreveport City Court.
  • Patricia Taylor
  • Tonya Gillyard

Courtroom Security Division
The members of this division are responsible for the safety and security of all staff, judges and members of the public who do business in Shreveport City Court.  Along with security, they are also instrumental is assisting plaintiffs and defendants in navigating through the court process.
  • Bill Peck
  • Sammy Johnson
  • Jonathon Ponder
  • Chasen Swan
  • Lance Swan

Warrants Division
This division enforces arrest warrants issued by Shreveport City Court Judges for those defendants who failed to comply with orders of the Court. 
  • Stephen Osterhoff
  • Derrek Brown

Civil & Criminal Process Service Division
These deputies are often referred to as "Outside Deputies" because these are the members of the staff who are in the neighborhoods and business each day serving court papers.  In addition to delivering notifications for court dates, they also must execute other orders of the Court including evictions and seizures of movable property and vehicles.
  • James Jefferson
  • Adolphus Collins
  • Kirby Dawson
  • Scot Decker
  • Willie Mitchell
  • Carl Richard
  • Andy Stephenson
  • Danny Thomas

City of Shreveport, Louisiana