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Louis Johnson  
Title: Chief of Training
Phone: 318-673-6766

Chief Louis Johnson serves as the Chief of Training for the Shreveport Fire Department where he promotes the necessity and the benefits of verifiable and on-going training. Chief Johnson believes that "everyday is a training day." Chief Johnson is a 27 yr. veteran of the department and finds a career of helping others very rewarding. Chief Johnson's career has been upwardly mobile and he has a proven passion for training, firefighter safety and the Fire service at large.

Chief Johnson is a life long learner with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management; he has accomplished extensive education and training in the Fire Service including entrance into the EFO program in 2007. Chief Johnson began his career in 1982 as a firefighter and worked in that capacity until promoted to engineer in 1990. After 13 years on the fire line, in 1995, Chief Johnson promoted to the position of EMS Officer where his responsibilities included quality improvement and EMS operations oversight. In 1999, Chief Johnson became a Training Officer and developed a passion for the development of fire recruits and the safety of all firefighters. Equipped with a gift and commitment to training Chief Johnson promoted from Assistant Chief of Training to his present position as Chief of the Shreveport Fire Department Training Academy.

Chief Louis Johnson's certifications and career highlights include, member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Member of Louisiana's Fire Chiefs Association, Member of Speakers Bureau of the IAFF, Nationally Certified EMT-P as well as Fire Instructor I & II. Chief Johnson is a certified Leadership Instructor and a certified instructor of the Emergency Management Institute. Chief Johnson proudly served at the Olympic Games of 1996 in Atlanta Georgia and is a member of the dept's Strategic Planning team. Chief Johnson is a Certified Fire Department Safety Officer and is a proud alumnus of the National Fire Academy. As a member of the Shreveport Fire Department, Chief Johnson takes seriously his responsibility to help make sure that his department is the best that it can be, and to do his part in the area of training to make sure that "everyone goes home." 

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City of Shreveport, Louisiana