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Zoning Board of Appeals 
505 Travis St
Suite 440
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone:(318) 673-6477
Fax:(318) 673-6461

Link: Website

The ZBA makes decisions regarding variances to the zoning ordinance and special exception uses as set forth in the zoning ordinance.
Name Title Email Phone
Cooper, Jr., Eddie Commission Member (318) 469-9200
Holland, Rick Commission Member (318) 797-2191
Bergeron, Ronnie Commission Member 318-866-9693
Osborn, Betty Commission Member (318) 861-2461
Berry, Alan Commission Member (318) 222-3937
Waltman, Jason Commission Member (318) 861-4394
Stewart, Robert A. Commission Member (318) 309-1299

City of Shreveport, Louisiana