Inconvenienced Streets

Street Inconveniences and Closures
Week off August 6th

Inconvenienced Streets

Water and Sewer Drainage Improvements
Annette St. @ Kathy Lane(Drainage)
Barton St.(Drainage)
Murvon St.(CD Proj. 136 et al)
Kennedy Dr.(CD Proj. 136 et al)
Broadway Ave.(CD Proj. 136 et al)
Thompson St. @ Fair St.(CD Proj. 175 et al)
Booker T. @via Street(CD Proj. 114)
7500 Block of Fern Ave.(Broadmoor Outfall Project)
N. Emerald Lp. And New Mexico Circle(CD Proj. 126 et al)
W. 70th Street, Linwood to St. Vincent Ave.(CD Proj. 121 et al)
Fairfield Ave., E. 66th to E. 69th(CD Proj. 121 et al)
E. 65th St., Fairfield to Line Ave.(CD Proj. 121 et al)
Fairfield Ave. , Essex to Gravel Ridge St.(CD Proj. 102)
Fairfield Ave., E. 81st to E. 82nd Street(CD Proj. 102)
Josey Circle, from McDaniel to Gabriel St.(CD Proj. 116 et al)
Gabriel St. from Paseo to McDaniel St.(CD Proj. 116 et al)
Paseo Circle, from Josey to McDaniel St.(CD Proj. 116 et al)
Greenwood Rd. to Lyba St. to Greenwood Rd.(CD Proj. 116 et al)
Hearne Ave., Virginia to Valley Ridge Rd.(CD Proj. 141)
W. 74th St., Wallace Ave. to Bernstein(CD Proj. 115 & 201)
Linwood Ave., W. 74th to W. 73rd Street(CD Proj. 115 & 201)
Hollywood Ave. @ Bienville Ave.(CD Proj. 162 et al)
Sussex @ Fairfield Ave.(CD Proj. 162 et al)
W. Canal Blvd., Sunset Cir. to Sunnybrook Dr.(CD Proj. 104/119/142)
W. Canal Blvd. @ Dollarway(CD Proj. 104/119/142)
Canal Blvd.(CD Proj. 109 et al)
Amelia Avenue(CD Proj. 109 et al)
Overton Brooks Dr., Wallace Lake Rd. to Ballantrae Cir.(Wallace Force Main Replacement)

Street Improvements
 Line Ave., from Fairfield Ave. to Stoner Ave.
 Greenway Ave., from Greenwood Rd. to Scott St.
 Linwood Ave. from Bert Kouns Industrial Loop to Gravois Dr.
 Oakdale St., from Wallace Ave. to Cul-de-sac
 Jewella from Mansfield Rd to Hollywood Ave.
 Ashbourne Dr. - from Albemarle Dr. to Spring Lake Dr.
 Akard Ave., from Ockley Dr. to Pierremont Rd

Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspection:
  • NONE

Closed Streets

Streets Project
 Missouri Avenue from Spruce Street to Milton Street
(CD Proj.  175 et al)
 Greenwood Rd. @ Jewella Ave.   
(CD Proj.  175 et al)
 Orla St., Midway Ave. to Fulton St.   
(CD Proj.  121 et al)
 W. 67th St., Thornhill to Fairfield Ave.   
(CD Proj.  121 et al)
 Thornhill Ave., W. 68th to W. 67th St.   
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 Dillman, E. 80th to E. 79th St.
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 W. 82nd Street, from Linwood Ave. to Cleveland St.
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 E. 79th @ Dillman
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 E. 79th St., Thornhill to Line Ave.
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 Henderson Ave. @ E. 75th St. 
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 E. 81st. St., from Henderson to Fairfield Ave.   
(CD Proj. 101 et al)
 Essex St. @ Hearne Ave.
(CD Proj.  141)